You Have Questions, We Have Answers: Veterinarian Style

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It’s the weekend or an evening and you have a question about your dog’s health that is just begging an answer right now. You can’t get ahold of me – I am not answering your Facebook or Google+ messages in the last minute or so since you posted and you are getting worried something has happened to me or my family, but worse yet your question is not being answered!

What to do?

You are in luck! There are websites out there with veterinarians that are ready to answer your question!

Granted they may not have my wit and personality but some may. Also you may not receive the integrative or holistic touch that you really want, but when you are desperate for an answer, the vets on these websites are more than qualified to help you out in deciding if your question about your dog’s health can wait for my reply or if you need to get help sooner.

Just Answer Veterinarians ( is a cool site that has experts from many different fields including in this case veterinarians. Most of the time there is a veterinarian actually online and will answer your question in real time. The cost is $14-$38 depending on Urgency and Level of Detail Required and you have to be 100% satisfied.

Ask A Vet ( claims we’ve got America’s Best Veterinarians ready to answer your pet’s health, nutritional and behavioral questions. How can they say that? Well their vets are board certified in their area of expertise, which means they went to even more schooling than your typical vet and they have really focused on a specific area of veterinary medicine. They have sat for boards just like a medical doctor would that has board certification – certifications in cardiology (heart), oncology (cancer), neurology (nerves), etc.It is a flat fee of $18 and 5% of that goes to charity. Again there is a 100% money back guarantee.

VetLive ( run by Drs Jed and Laci Schaible is a 24hour chat service of a hand selected group of veterinarians chosen by Dr Jed and Dr Laci. Most of the time though you will be dealing with the owners of the site. The price depends on time of day, demand and if a vet has to be woken out of bed to answer your question. From $17-$50 and $35-$70 for second opinions that would include detailed information from the previous vet visit.

Pawbly ( is free! I figured I would tell you the best part of this website right away. It does not mean that the value is any less than the paid sites. Pawbly is advice and assistance for everything pet 24 hours a day from reliable, local experts. Pawbly allows you to find or seek out experts based on their responses to your questions, their location, or their availability. Several veterinarians including my internet friends and colleague Dr Krista Magnifico and Jana Rade are verified Pawbly Advisors. ?

With these choices you can find a veterinarian to answer your questions anytime. So the next time you can not get ahold of me then please try one of the above websites. Writing this article has given me an inspiration of doing a something similar with an integrative more holistic approach…hmmmm.

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  • mike or dani

    my old english bulldog has mastitis and shes running a fever, we called the vet and he told us to lower her temperature give her Tylenol and gravel and put a warm compress.. talked to the farmer up the road and he advised us to give her penicillin so we did she seemed great all day and then just recently she started mooping around again and her fever raised so we gave her some more Tylenol and gravel and gave her a bath shes feeling better now but her mastitis is still a problem and we dont know what else to do ? when should we give her more penicillin ?

  • Take her to a veterinarian. Mastitis is not a disease to be treating by yourself.

  • Nancy

    My aussie shephard is limping. Vet is not available until after tomorrow (we live way out in the country). He has a bump on his side (upper chest, just behind his front paw). Also has other small bumps on ghis chest. Not sure if this is whats hurting him – as it never seemed to bother him before. Checked his paw and leg – doesn’t seem to hurt him. He won’t put weight on tnat leg. Can i give him any tylenol or ibuprophen (have liquide chidrens stuff). He weighs about 65 lbs.


  • lina

    My 8 year old chihuahua keeps having seizures that last 30 seconds to 2 minutes. She has a seizure every 10 to 30 minutes and hasnt been sleeping very much because anytime she does she wakes up minutes later to a seizure. She was diagnosed with having epilepsy. She has been taking 1 cc of phenobarbital for 24 hours. Another concern is that she has been eating but hasn’t gone to the restroom. She keeps falling forward and looks as if she just wants to give up. Shes very tired and constantly walks around the entire house until she has her next seizure. We’re not sure what to do. We don’t like seeing her like this.

  • Patricia Cummins Volom

    Hi Dr Dan,

    I don’t know if you can help me or not.

    I have a 4 year old miniature that was diagnosed with IVDD (vertebrae disc disease-cervical) last Monday and she was walking on Sunday but walking funny like she was drunk and sometimes slipping down and crying sometimes like she was in pain and couldn’t get comfortable so I took her to the vet on Monday and they did blood work which was normal and gave her pain med (methocarbamol 500mg 1/4 tablet every 8 hours and tramadol 50mg 1/2 tablet every 8-12 hours). On Thursday I took her back to the Vet cuz she fell off the couch and her walking was getting worse. They then have her Carprofen 75mg 1/2 tablet everyday and increased the tramadol to 3/4 tablet. They told me to keep her testing in her kennel and not walking around b

    As of yesterday she is not walking at all. She is still eating and drinking and has urine and stool output. She actually will urinate some when I pick her up.

    I am not sure if coming to see you will help or if you can even get her in soon?

    Any advice you can give would be great or let me know if I can bring her in for a consultation. I was told you might be able to do acupuncture to help her? My husband wants me to have her put to sleep but I am to make sure it’s a very last resort before I go that and I can’t afford to take her to a neurologist and have a $4000 surgery or whatever it would cost to put a plate in her neck and not even sure if it would work.
    I would prefer to try you first but soon would be better.

    Thank you for your time and help. I did email you also.


  • Tiffany Munson Riley

    My 8 pound mini dachshund got into a bottle of Advil liquid gels and ate approx. 15-20 of them while I was outside. She puked almost immediately after and I saw a lot of the capsules in the throw up. She keeps throwing up and isn’t urinating its been 24 hours. But other than that she is eating and drinking normally and is not lethargic at all. Any advice. Is ibuprofen dangerous to dogs?