Thank you for coming and welcome to my electronic veterinary clinic. In most vet clinics, you receive answers to your problems and usually it is in the form of taking home some type of medication, or herbal supplement, or homeopathic or maybe some exercises or a future surgery appointment. Here at e-vetclinic you receive information as answers to your problems and as much as I can possibly give to you.

You will find the best of the best in information and if I don’t have it I am pointing you to someone who does. It is all here based on my view point of veterinary medicine and a “wholistic” approach.  My “wholistic” approach means taking into account everything involved in the animals life.  Wholistic medicine includes everything involved in medicine which would include conventional medicine. Just like the word “whole”, you will see me use the term wholistic medicine to describe what I believe a combination approach the best of both worlds – alternative and conventional methods together or whole medicine used as needed or necessary to get the best results possible.

There are times when conventional medicine is the best treatment of choice. In most emergency cases conventional medicine beats alternative medicine. For example, a broken leg will need to be repaired by conventional medicine. Now in emergency situations there is no reason for a veterinarian not to incorporate alternative therapies because in most cases an animal will respond best by combining the two. That same animal with a broken leg can receive acupuncture to help with pain. They can also receive physical therapy and a homeopathic to help in the healing process. Working together as a team is best!

That is what this website is about; giving you the best information on the therapies available for your animal. It may be conventional, it may be alternative, and many times it will be a combination of the two. I have taken a wholistic approach and you will find a little bit of everything that has to do with your animal and given my opinion on it.

Have a look around.

Daniel Beatty, DVM