Turnout for your horse is important!

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Excellent responses to this post about a horse only receiving 2 hours of turnout a day. That’s like spending 22 hours a day in your bed.

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How important is turnout to a horse’s health?

I have a young mare, and I feel that she does not get turned out enough. She gets turned out for about 2 hours per day. I’m trying to convince my mom to let me go to a barn that is a little farther away, with much better turnout. What is somethings that would be a benefit for this, and what are some affects a horse could get from not being turned out enough?

Turnout is extremely important and there are tons of affects that can come from not getting enough.

A major one is colic. The less turnout, the higher the risk. There’s tons of information and research out there on it. Colic is expensive, turnout is not.

Hoof issues. Lower limb circulation is facilitated by the pumping action of the vein system between the sole and the coffin bone. Standing in a stall does not provide this and poor hoof growth is virtually assured and it increases the risk of virtually all other hoof problems.

Behavioral problems. Stalled horses are more likely to develop stereotypies and be high strung and harder to train. A horse in a stall doesn’t get normal social interaction that they need and stalls are too far removed from their natural way of life. How would your mom like to spend 22 hours a day in a cubicle? and she’s not even adapted to plains life.

Those are the primary ones that come to mind but do some searching and you’ll find some more. The natural horsemanship sites have some good information about the pros of turnout.

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