Seizures in Dogs

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Rough morning today. I walked into the clinic at 7:30 and there was a patient waiting before the clinic even opened with a seizuring dog. A beautiful 3 year old Golden Retriever that had seizures before and has been on phenobarbitol (anticonvulsant medication) had a seizure at 6:40 this morning and was now still having them repeatedly a minute apart at the most. This was a special seizure case, because usually we treat seizures with a bolus of diazepam (valium) and the seizures stop. If not then we give another type of sedative and that usually does it. However in this poor guy’s case nothing was working. This poor guy was seizuring for 3 hours before we ended up having to put the dog under anesthesia to control the seizures. 20 minutes under gas anesthesia and 30 minutes later the dog walked out of the clinic with the seizures under control again.¬† So what’s next?

We need to prevent the seizures from returning. Traditionally we need to place the animal anticonvulsants usually phenobarbitol and in this guy’s case we may need to add Potassium Bromide. Since this dog has had seizures since it was a puppy it really needs a CT Scan and spinal tap and a referral to a neurologist. It may be that he may have a defect in its brain. Here’s a video from another veterinarian explaining the traditional diagnostics and treatments –

Dog Seizures – Seizures in Dogs – veterinarian Sam Meisler DVM featured in a video segment on seizures in dogs, what causes dog seizures and how they are diagnosed.

Natural/holistic treatment would include acupuncture, sometimes herbal supplements, and definitely a proper diet with a good quality dog food with no preservatives and no dyes Рmany times the diet may need to be raw based. Most  importantly I have had success with seizure dogs using chiropractic treatments, specifically if the dog has issues with the upper neck vertebrae (subluxations in the atlas, occiput and axis) . Several dogs that I have seen with seizures have problems in the upper 2 vertebrae of the neck. So whether you do complete holistic treatment for seizures or even if you do traditional treatment I would highly suggest chiropractic treatment to help control.

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