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Laminitis is very painful so much so that a horse with it will barely be able to walk, and sometimes they will not be able to walk at all! For clarification, founder is a laminitis turned chronic. Laminitis is acute inflammation of the lamina which is the structures that holds the hoof to the coffin bone. One of the most famous recent cases is that of Barbaro, in which he had laminitis in his left hind foot due to breaking his ankle on the right hind leg. The pressure of having to stay standing on the left hind all the time caused the laminitis.

Today I found an extremely good very detailed article on laminitis –

Laminitis Attack: The First Line of Defense

My favorite statement in the article is the comment about having to work together as a team. This is so true the farrier and the veterinarian as well as the caretaker/owner need to be in communication with one another to work out the best treatment for the horse. It is essential so that the horse has a chance at recovery. I am such a strong believer in this team approach that I feel that not only should this be done for laminitis but for any disease or management process in regards to the horse’s health.

Back to the article I want to point out the three most important topics covered in the treatment of laminitis and these are –

  • Get Expert Help
  • Use of Pain Medication
  • Find the Cause

Check out the article, if you ever have to deal with this horrible disease you will be glad you did… Laminitis Attack: The First Line of Defense

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