Is your horse neutered?

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Similar to free/low cost spay and neuter clinics, there are now programs for stallions to control the problem of horse overpopulation in hopes of helping with the unwanted horse problem. The only difference I see here is that there are not stallions wandering around the neighborhood breeding, so it is a good idea but may not be very effective in controlling the unwanted horse issue.

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Castration clinics fight unwanted horse problem

Economic turmoil and a ban on horse slaughter has resulted in a steadily growing number of unwanted horses with owners who are unable to properly care for them.

The first aspect of the two-part project, Education Earns Stallions to Geldings, encourages horse owners, through education and financial incentives, to choose to turn their stallions into geldings. Those enrolled in the program are eligible for a voucher to cover the cost of castration surgery once the owner attends eight horse health management educational sessions. Many of the sessions were offered at the Minnesota Horse Expo in St. Paul in April 2009.

The second aspect of the project involves holding castration clinics, with the first such clinic organized in September 2009. The Minnesota Horse Council certified horse rescue organizations on the basis of their compliance with the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ published guidelines for such facilities. These certified organizations brought colts and stallions for one day to the Washington County Fairgrounds in Stillwater, Minn., for free gelding. The procedures were performed by veterinary students under the supervision of area veterinarians.



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