International Rehab Symposium with Hilary Clayton

August 14, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

I am here at the 5th International Rehab and Physical Therapy Symposium in Minneapolis, MN and this morning went to a breakfast lecture. Hilary Clayton was speaking and for all my clients watch out now because I plan on pulling out the video camera!

She went into detail on how to practically use video to diagnose lameness and movement in horses, using simple equipment and software for the computer. I plan on bringing my laptop and my camera and video taping poor movement on any of my clients horses that have been having questionable movement.

I also learned a little about back pain from Dr,Dr,Dr Kevin Haussler. I call him him that because he is a veterinarian, a chiropractor and a PhD. He has been to so much school that he has three doctors degrees! Anyway there are a couple of techniques I can use to help with some of my most stubborn back cases oh and I also learned of a study that showed that using Bute for back pain is about as useful as injecting sterile water!

Tomorrow I plan on attending more dog topics than horse topics but there is another talk from Dr. Haussler that I will attend and if there is more information I will give it out here.

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