House Mold and other allergens for your dog

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OK it is winter time so you would think that there would be no allergens, Spring and Fall are the times for mold and pollens right?

Well yes and no – outdoor allergens are reduced this time of year because of the snow and the dormancy of the plants; however if you think about it – your house is now closed off. The windows are not open the furnace is on which means you are recirculating the same air in your house over and over. Even with an air filter and the fancy air purifiers it still is not the same as being able to exchange the air like we can during the warmer seasons. So this means you and your dog are actually more exposed to certain allergens such as house mold, house dust and house mites.

I had a very young dog come in this morning with bleeding ears. It has a double ear infection. It also was just recovering from a skin rash/infection and upon further questioning the dog has been licking its paws constantly. This dog has all the symptoms of a dog with allergies. Now a dog as young as this one should not have allergies it has not had enough time in its life to develop a reaction to something that is unless one of two things the dog has a really confused immune system or it is being bombarded with allergens. Upon further questioning the owner,a woman in her 30s, has for the first time in her life been diagnosed with asthma and allergies. They also just moved in to a house this year that is over 100 years old.

Hmm – there maybe something in the house that is contributing to both of their physical ailments. We shall see what she finds out as she is getting her house reinspected for mold and allergens.

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