Horse Owners Take Notes – Sheath Cleaning

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This is for all my horse clients that have calm horses yet refuse to clean their gelding sheaths. It’s not a big deal and is part of good horsemanship. Now obviously if you have a pill of a horse that refuses to let you do it then fine I will tranquilize when we do dentistry and get it done.

Horse Health Care – Gelding and Stallion Sheath Cleaning

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Depending on the individual horse’s smegma production, the sheath should be cleaned about once or twice a year. You can clean the sheath somewhat with the penis retracted into the sheath, but you can do a more thorough job if the penis is down. Once a horse is accustomed to the procedure, he will likely relax and let his penis down for cleaning. Usually the best time for this is on a warm day after a work out when the horse is somewhat tired and relaxed. If the horse is very touchy in his genital area, you could have your veterinarian tranquilize the horse so your horse will be more manageable and relaxed.



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