Helen King on Structure Evaluation

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I just read a blog post from Susan Garret’s blog by a guest blog writer Helen King on structure evaluation of performance dogs. When I read it, I was impressed by taking a complex issue such as dog conformation for performance dogs and making it simple. The take home message is look for a sloping pelvis and sloping shoulders for more power and more of a forward drive.

It is an excellent post and I would encourage any and all dog owners thinking about performance, such as agility, to read it. Now of course there is much more to conformation of the performance dog than what is in this article but it spells out a big component in a simple manner. You know how I love the keep it simple philosophy.

Read the article here – Helen King on Structure Evaluation

In this article she also talks about the loin area of the dog needing to be short. A long backed dog will tend to have back issues – think of the extreme of a dachshund they tend to have back problems. Long backed dogs are also more prone to injury of other core muscles such as what I wrote about as a psoas injuries being common – One of the most common muscle injuries in a dog

From my standpoint when you look at a short backed dog with a sloping pelvis you allow for a stronger group of core muscles – the psoas group (stomach) and the longissimus group (low back). This allows for more explosive push offs and turns along with like Helen said a larger area to have bigger gluteals and hamstring muscles for more push off from the legs. Again you need to read the article it is good – Helen King on Structure Evaluation

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