Having a Healthy Horse

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There are some keys to having a healthy horse and it is similar to us being healthy and one of my favorite motos – garbage in, garbage out. Or in a more positive light that moto is if you expect the best, then you have to treat it the best. Keys to a healthy horse would be good diet, plenty of fresh water, proper exercise and rest. It is  a simple formula and it can not be made any easier.

An article from the Cowgirl Way Magazine explains it in a little more detail –

Top 10 Rules For a Healthy Horse ~ The Cowgirl Way Magazine™

http://www.thecowgirlwaymagazine.com Thu, 20 Jun 2013

1. Start with a healthy horse
2. Food type and quality
3. Natural environment (pasture & herd)
4. Healthy stall
5. Safe pasture
6. Preventative routine medical
7. Watch and regularly inspect the horse
8. Shelter
9. Consider breed and individual requirements
10. Continue to learn

To read details go to —>http://www.thecowgirlwaymagazine.com

Overall the article is great – I do have some issue with the details of the 6th rule in regards to deworming regularly, especially with the increase in numbers of resistant strongyles across the country. The more appropriate method for deworming is to test first and deworm only when necessary. This may be what he meant considering that Dr Stewart did write – “Worming requirements depend partly on where you live (parasite types and severity vary by region).” however it needs to be more specific considering most horse owners still think that deworming regularly means every 30-60 days, which is increasing the numbers of resistant strongyles. With that one clarification, the article is right on with the details to having a healthy horse.

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