February is Dental Health Month for Dogs

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It is Pet Dental Health Month, February is Dental Health Month for Dogs (Cats too). The importance of keeping your dog’s teeth clean is more than just having pearly whites. It actually has a major impact on the dog’s health.

If plaque is allowed to build up on the dogs teeth it can cause a variety of other health issues. Of course the dog can have pain from bad teeth and lose the teeth, have tooth abscesses, gingivitis, periodontitis, and even bone infection but there are greater dangers. The plaque is composed of bacteria – those bacteria can get into the bloodstream via mucus membranes (the gums) especially when they are inflammed and bleeding.

The bacteria then seeks out other areas in which it can attach and form plaque such as in the liver, kidneys, and on the heart valves. Dental disease is one of the major causes of kidney disease.  If plaques form on heart valves then heart disease can occur. So as you can see it is vital to have clean teeth in your dog.

Having a dental check up once a year to once every 6 months in older dogs is vital in keeping your dog’s teeth healthy. Other things you can do to keep your dog’s teeth healthy include brushing your dogs teeth everyday (once a week at a bare minimum), chew toys help, and smoked bones can help as well. The one problem with bones is that they can cause another dental issue – they can break teeth. A comment about rawhides – rawhides have a safety issue with them – do not let your dog chew them till they are soft and let them swallow them. A rawhide should be a plain white with a large twist given to a dog for a maximum of 10 minutes to prevent it from becoming too soft. Do not give the flat rawhides. Ideally the bone shaped rawhides that are as long as the dogs shoulders are wide given for 5 to 10 minutes each day, then taken away to allow to dry out and then can be given again the next day.

Some vets are promoting dental health month by giving discounts on dental services, so check with your vet today about having your dog’s mouth and teeth examined. It will helpo keep your dog healthy.

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