Dandruff in Dogs

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Dandruff can be an irritating problem for you and your dog. It is a sign that the skin is not healthy. Read a good post on Doggy Dandruff from Bull Miller

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Today blog post about dog health questions is relate to dog dandruff problems. Hopefully this blog post will cover 7 ways to to conquer this dog health problems that will also include some pf good prevention about this problems. …

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Expanding on this topic I disagree that lack of grooming is the most common cause – heck I don’t remember the last time I groomed my dogs. Although grooming is very important for those that require grooming and for dogs that become dirty, I feel that nutrition and fluid intake are much more important in preventing dandruff. Keeping the skin healthy is easier done internally by providing the appropriate nutrients and proper hydration.

Also it is important that if you are having dandruff issues that continue to return or the skin becomes worse and has larger flakes with a greasy hair coat, a trip to your vet is required. Dandruff can be the first signs of more involved skin diseases such as allergies, skin infections, and parasites such as mange. So if you are concerned about dandruff your vet can help you determine if it is a medical issue or a nutritional/grooming/environmental issue.

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