Assistance for the Wild Mustangs

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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has come under fire lately for its handling of the wild mustangs on its land. BLM Corruption has been an advocate of the mustang along with Ginger Kathrens both calling for the stop of the BLM’s movement and confinement practices which is killing some of the Mustangs.

One of the big concerns for BLM is overpopulation. Well a billionaire’s wife has come to the rescue and has purchased a 14,000 acre ranch to house theĀ  mustangs. For advocates of the mustang this should be good news as it is a step in the right direction for removing control of the horses from the BLM and into a true sanctuary.

Pickens buys NV ranch for wild horse sanctuary | Bryan/College

(AP) — Madeleine Pickens, the wife of Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens, has bought a sprawling Nevada ranch to serve as a wild horse sanctuary that would keep mustangs on the range instead of in government-funded holding facilities. …

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