Another article on Gastroenteritis

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I love the “definition” of when something bad enters the digestive system. It made me smile.

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Gastroenteritis is when …

Gastroenteritis refers to inflammation of the stomach and intestines.
Because of its many different possible causes and various severity, gastroenteritis is actually quite a broad term.
Something makes the GI tract angry and it triggers a defensive mechanism – inflammation. Some of the many causes are

  • dietary indiscretion
  • abrupt change in diet (you’ve heard about gradual switching, haven’t you?)
  • poisoning
  • infections
  • food allergies
  • autoimmune disease
Violent diarrhea and vomiting, presence of blood, pain, fever, dehydration, lethargy, these are all signs that it’s time to take action as soon as possible. If the symptoms are relatively mild but chronic, you also want to pay attention and investigate the cause.Read more at

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