A gift for your dog: time-release treat toy

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These are fun for your dog if he sticks with it.

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Here are some reasons to use a time-release treat toy:

Inspires genius – this toy is a puzzle for your dog to solve, stimulating their brain, their curiosity… and enhancing their problem-solving skills. It brings dogs back to their hunting and foraging roots by allowing them to work for their food. Food is a fabulous motivator for your dog.

Constructive chewing – every dog loves to chew. Now you can satisfy their desire to chew with something besides your household possessions, furniture, shoes, and other items they might destroy or damage. Just stuff the toy with food or a treat, let your dog’s olfactory senses take over, and you’ve encouraged chewing on an object of your choosing.

De-stress your dog; especially at separation time – giving your dog something else to focus on can alleviate your dog’s separation anxiety. They now have a new focal point. They are playing with the toy in pursuit of food – a great motivation.

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