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A personal story about a dream I have had for many years. It all started back when I was 8 years old. I was riding along with my family in the car heading back home from a store on a bright sunny summer day, when my dad, who was driving, accidentally ran over a raccoon. Gasping, I looked back and saw the poor thing squirming in death throws. I wanted to help the little guy but didn’t know how and I emphatically stated “If I were a vet, I could save that raccoon.” My father looking in the rearview mirror at me said “I bet you could.” And that’s how my desire to be a vet started over 30 years ago. Of course over those 30+ years, 8 years of schooling, 16 years of practice, certification courses in animal chiropractic and veterinary acupuncture my life, my knowledge and my experiences have changed me, but one thing has remained the same I still have the desire to be a vet.

Now in the past 10 years I have had a desire to own my own veterinary clinic. Not just any vet clinic, but a specialized clinic, a holistic wellness center, focusing on chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, functional medicine and physical therapy to help animals with chronic disease and pain management. Chronic diseases and pain that traditional vets have little answers for and neither the time or expertise to correct. Answers other than an anti-inflammatory or a steroid to problems such as arthritis, allergies, immune system diseases, and digestive disorders. Correcting problems with proper diet, exercise, herbals and nutrition is the type of medicine I enjoy. I love seeing the positive results in my patients as they are able to stop taking the steroids or the anti-inflammatories for the first time in months or even years. Controlling disease and pain in order to really improve their quality of life satisfies me.

Also the ability to help animals with pain from acute injuries or after surgery other than sitting in a cage on heavy pain medication. Being able to bring them back to full function with acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, and other modalities and improving their quality of life is what makes me excited, happy, and fulfilled. Trying to figure out answers to difficult problems and difficult cases helps keep my mind active and is an enjoyable part of the business – solving puzzles is fun.

So why have I not opened a vet clinic? If this is my passion, what has kept me from doing it? It is the same thing that has stopped most people from fulfilling their dreams and their life passion – FEAR. In my case it is fear of failure, fear of not being able to provide for my family, fear of trading time for money and not being able to spend time with my family. Currently, I have a great business and a great business model, I am able to help a wide area of patients from Peoria, IL to Westville, IN, up to Gurnee, IL and out west to LaSalle, IL and everywhere in between. My overhead is extremely low consisting of my van, a small amount of rent, and the few supplements I carry with me. Opening a practice would change some of this and the biggest change the one that actually does cause fear is the amount of overhead it takes to open a practice. Why, when I am having such a successful practice doing what I am doing now, would I want to worry about having to cover a large increase in expenses and overhead? This question stops me and makes me consider – is this really what I want to do? I always say, “Yes, I still want to do this!”, but how? How do I decrease the risk? Do I start really small and build from there? Do I take out huge loans and buy the overhead take the risk, knowing that this is my passion and if I structure it right it will work out fine? In this business environment right now I am definitely shying away from the latter!

The good news – my overhead fear is being crushed by my desire and passion at this moment and I will be opening a facility in the near future. As fate would have it, after having made this final decision in my heart and mind an opportunity came along. This opportunity will provide less risk to me and will definitely help make this venture successful. But I need your help –

Chase Bank and Living Social have combined to bring small businesses an opportunity to win up to a $250,000 grant. A business needs 250 votes to even be eligible. This grant would give me the opportunity to open a holistic veterinary clinic with less risk and in this business environment less risk is optimal 🙂

So to help me in this endeavor please go to https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/

On the lower right side click Log in & Support (you have to have a Facebook account)
then to vote type in Balanced Motion Veterinary Services, the state: Indiana and the city: Crown Point then click search.

Last and this is the important step click Vote

Thank you in advance for your support. It is Balanced Motion Veterinary Services that you are voting for a chance at a $250k grant.

If you have any stories about how my passion for helping animals or another holistic veterinarian has helped your dog, cat or horse, post them in the comments section below.

About Dr Daniel Beatty
An Infopreneur with a Veterinary Medicine degree.

  • DispatcherOdie

    I have a 7 1/2yrs old pit bull that I rescued when she was almost 2.  We started training in agility and she loved it.  We moved onto competing in agility and a year later she tore her first acl.  She had surgery and we were refered to Dr. Dan for check ups and adjustments.  Best referral ever, my dog loves Dr. Dan.  He recommended some supplements and continued to do adjustments on her.  She went back into training 9 months post surgery!  14 mo ago she tore her second acl and was off for a year, still seeing Dr. Dan for adjustments.  She has now attended 2 agility trials this year and has received a few more titles and ribbons.  If it was not for Dr. Dan I do not think Nu would be feeling the way she does, she loves her adjustments and gives Dr. Dan kisses when he is done!  We went training for the first time tonight and our instructor and class mates were surprised at the energy level Nu has.  Thanks Dr. Dan for keeping Nu moving and to Dr. I and Dr Keeley (thanks for the recommendation Dr. Dan) for Nu’s surgeries.  We will continue to trial in agility and hope to get our Ctch one day!

  • Done; best of luck! 🙂

  • Dbgags

    Does that make me an infopreneur with a recreational resources degree and a desire to expand minds in the equestrian community? Love that word!

  • Beryl Gersch

    I have a 2 and 1/2 year old white shepherd who has been sick since receiving his 2nd puppy vaccine booster. he has HOD (Hypothrophic Osteodystrophy). This is a lifelong inflammatory disease. He has inflammation of the joints which leads to pain all over his body. about 18 months  ago I was searching for a chiropractor online, in the hopes this might help my dog, when I found Dr. Dan. I emailed him and he emailed me back with instructions to keep Hans confined and quiet and to bring Hans in to his office ASAP. The next day I got an appointment and Dr, Dan adjusted my dog chiropractic-ally. It was a success. Hans felt better that same night. Since that first visit we have seen Dr. Dan many times and although I have a reactive dog, He welcomes Dr, Dan’s help every time and willingly submits to chiropractic treatment and laser. Without this Dr.’s help I would have had to put my dog down – that is how great his pain is when he has an episode. Dr. Dan’ Beattys treatment and advice have been a lifesaver, quite literally, for Hans.

  • Absolutely it does…lol

  • Hans is a trooper and really responds well. I hope we can figure out a way to balance his immune system with the HOD. I’d like to keep him around for a very long time as I am sure you do as well.

  • Keep working Nu! I know you can do it! She has responded very well!

  • Thanks Jana!

  • Cinders805

    Got to be someone great your from Crown Point, IN. Anyone who cares about animals like you and has a dream deserves this. There are never enough vets around for our animals and ones who specialize in different areas of animal health are rare. Keep up the good work. 

  • Voted, you’re up to 105, I’m considering fabricating 145 false facebook accounts to vote for you again and again

  • Michelle Riccelli

    I was lucky enough to have a friend tell me about Dr Dan & I took my blk Lab Shadow to him for 6yrs,for chrio work with her back end& when she pulled her back leg muscle&when she was no longer able to walk he did some blood cell theraphy&had her up & walking in 3 days.He treated Shadow like she was his own& I trusted him with everything he said& told me to do with her.I now take my Bella(yellow lab) to him & will continue treatments for her as needed with him.& YES  I voted !!!

  • Djones

    I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Dan.  When I took my Toy Poodle, Butters, to another chiropractic vet…he did all he could and then told me that there was nothing more he could do for Butters.  That eventually he would develope arthritis and then they could treat that.  I wasn’t ready for this as Butters was only 4 years old!  So I searched and talked to a lot of people and they told me about Dr. Dan.  I took Butters to him, and Dr. Dan helped put Butters’ back, back in place and Butters has been a patient of his ever since.  I am so grateful for the work that Dr. Dan does…and so is Butters!

  • Roxie Antczak

    Dr. Dan and his special care made it possible for my beatiful American Eskimo Dog Misty to regain the use of her legs after an injury.  This was her second spinal injury.  The first was treated through surgery.  Her age and type of injuyr the second time made her a non-candidate for surgery.  We were debating how to help her, or if she should be allowed to move on to her next life.  She showed us she wasn’t ready for that by getting up and walking across the room -not very steadily.  Our decision was made.  Weekly, then monthly visits with Dr. Dan kept her mobile for a few more years and gave us the satisfaction of having her to love a little longer.  I still miss her and will always be grateful to Dr. Dan for caring for her.  He has continued to care for our current dog, Allie, a white german shepard/husky mix.  She is a rescue dog and we love her greatly.  Dr. Dan has helped her with back and spinal pain from time to time.  If anyone deserves this opportunity it is Dr. Dan.  He has a love and passion for all of our pets!  Thanks Dr. Dan and I pray you are able to live your dream!  Roxie Antczak – Lowell, IN  Yes I voted!!

  • Elaine Anderson

    I can’t begin to describe how fortunate I feel for finally having met Dr. Dan.  I had been searching for a chiropractic vet (the acupuncture is icing on the cake).  My beagles, Tinsel and Molly, have both benefited from his attention.  I fully believe in alternative and complementary therapies, having studied canine and equine massage, small animal acupressure and having become a people and pet Reiki Master/Teacher.  I am committed to the art and want to be a part of Dr. Dan’s growth and success.

  • Lisapishkur

    Voted! Thank you again for helping Indy! He is so much happier since you’ve worked on his body and helped with saddle fitting!! Now can you also include humans in your plan lol?!?!?

  • Ashley T.

    Dr. Dan has helped my doxie Emma overcome chronic back problems with chiropractic visits. She turned nine this year and this is the first year she stared seeing Dr. Dan for chiropractic work. She feels vibrant and energetic after her adjustments, and my family cannot thank Dr. Dan enough! 

  • Hi Dr. Dan. I know we’ve never personally met, but you have met my beloved little man, Rocky (thanks to Alice, who is possibly the best doggie grandma on the Earth!). You saved my dog’s life, hands down, and a vote is the least I could do to repay my debt to you. I was told that so many different things were wrong with Rocky, even to the point that we were told that we’d have a year with him, and would have to watch him slowly deteriorate, but the simple changes we’ve made to Rocky’s diet and lifestyle have gotten him completely back to normal. (And you’ve also completely sold me on acupuncture…not just for dogs but for humans as well…the change is absolutely remarkable.) Thank you for ALL that you do, and know that you do good work and it is appreciated.

  • My dog India and I met Dr. Dan first several years ago because of a referral by a holistic vet.  She moved further away, so visits to her were no longer possible, then we moved, and I thought I “lost” Dr. Dan, as well.  India is an 11-year-old Doberman…very frantic and spastic…always falling.  We recently reconnected w/Dr. Dan when I discovered he was even closer to us than he was before!  After one visit, India’s hips were straightened out and her leaking urine decreased immensely.  After a 2nd visit, her leaking has stopped completely.  However, thanks to my 5-year-old spraying fabric softener on our hardwood floors, India is now slipping and sliding all over the joint! We’ll be paying Dr. Dan another visit to get this all straightened out.  I am so appreciative of his services, and prefer natural remedies to all the steroids my regular vet always suggests.  Thanks for all you do! 🙂 (Oh, and yes, of course I voted!)

  • Nancy Sherman

    You’ve got my vote! Thanks to Dr Dan my twelve and a half year old Rottie, Elijah, is still up and about and able to enjoy a long walk in his big back yard:) Elijah had cruciate surgery in both knees years ago and now has arthritis. Thanks to the great chiro care Elijah receives from Dr Dan he can still jump into my van and just enjoy the life of a retired agility dog:):)

  • Bobbi Schultz

    Oh my buddy Hunter loved Dr.Dan.  On our chiropractic visits each month my buddy(Hunter) knew where we were going.  He was always happy to see Dr.Dan and left walking and feeling better than when he went in.. I miss my buddy Hunter and our visits to Dr.Dan…

  • Marie

    I voted and Shared the link on my Facebook account as well.  Dr Dan you are AWESOME.  My baby girl needs adjustments to her back and hips to help her with her bad knees.  Nala and I think you are the best and we hope that you get the grant.  Good Luck.

  • Dr Dan is hands down the best!  He’s helped both of my dogs with their issues.  Besides being incredibly knowledgeable, he also has a great instinct when it comes to canine health issues.  My dogs and I are so glad we were referred to him!  Thanks Dr. Dan! 

  • Kpontow

    As the owner of 2 rescue Chi/mix dogs, I will testify that Dr. Dan has helped both immensely. Jax was found in the street, after having been brutalized by an unknown psychotic. He was so severely injured, that the vet thought he had been hit by a car. Jax was only 9 months old, and weighed 8 pounds when I found him hiding under my car. He walked on 3 legs, as the fourth leg was so badly injured, it was unusable. With much TLC, time, and patience, Jax recovered. Dr. Dan adjusts Jax’s back/neck regularly, as he still has back trouble. He is now a beautiful 6 year old, healthy, and much loved. Jax is part Terrier, and moves like greased lightening, and is always crazy-happy. Dr. Dan keeps him that way. Levi,  is a Chi/Pom, rescued from a shelter/foster home. No one wanted Levi because he had severe sublaxating patellas, and severe seizures. Leg surgery corrected his bent little legs, and correct seizure meds got Levi on the road to recovery.  
    Dr. Dan did an amazing job at realigning Levi’s back/neck, and since then, Levi has has no seizures. His medication has been reduced, and he is a very healthy 4 year old, who can run like the wind. (ok, a small wind).
    We salute Dr. Dan, and his compassion for our animals.
    Deeply grateful forever, Dr.Dan……….
    Sending puppy kisses and tails a-waggin’……..

    I am vote #210!  40 to go…………. 

  • A_michelle16

    Dr. Dan is a wonderful person. He is an excellent holistic vet with skills of acupuncture, laser therapy, adjustments and all his patients and clients love him. I’m very picky when it comes to my furry child and I would not trust her with just any vet. Keagan loves to see him and improves with her movements greatly after every adjustment. She has grade 3, almost 4 patella movement in both rear legs,with hyper-flexion in the right. Her hips are always out of whack too, but Dr. Dan says surgery is not recommended to fix her knees. He says to just keep her weight down and keep her properly exercised and have her adjusted every 2 months. She’s my 3 year old toy poodle, weighing 6lbs. I’m very excited for Dr. Dan to have his dream realized and come full circle! Thank you for all you do, my mom, the girls and I appreciate you!

  • Nanette

    Dear Doctor Dan,  I pray all goes well for you with the new endeavor.  You are truly gifted and helped my dear Tiger so much.  Though he is no longer here, I know his life was made so much more comfortable because of your great skills.  Thank you so much.  When I get my next best friend, I will look forward to introducing him to you.  Sincerely,  Nanette and Steve Siegel

  • Wojo-523

    Dr. Dan,

    As you kmow, My horse Mikey has been unable to lift his right rear leg for months making it impossible for the farrier to shoe him. As a result I have not been able to ride him on the forest preserve trails.

    You were highly recommended to us and have worked on Mikey twice using your chiropractic skills. You also showed me a few things that I could do that might help him.

    I wanted you to know that last Wednesday I was notified that the farrier was able to shoe Mikey! He said to keep doing what you are doing with Dr. Dan-it’s working.

    I can’t thank you enough Dr. Dan.


    Debbie Wojcik

  • BarefootWoodworker

    This grant is an amazing opportunity.  I voted for you.  Good luck to you on this. We are also trying to garner votes for this endeavor.  This grant would allow us to complete ambitious projects that achieve three major goals: growth of our business, continued charitable presence in our local community, and becoming a woodworking educational presence (starting apprenticeship programs) in the online and local community. This would change our lives and the lives of others as well.    
    Please consider voting for us as well.  Custom Classics in Anaheim, CA. Thank you

  • Dr. Dan is great at making his animal patients and human clients feel at ease when he’s working.  My draft horse has arthritis in his hind legs which often effects his gate and consequently his pelvis and spine.  It’s been three years since we began treatment with Dr.Dan and my horse continues to enjoy and benefit from these sessions which keep him limber and alleviate his pain. 

    – Alexis Jordan

  • Phillius Thomas

    I think it’s awesome to see so many new veterinary services popping up. People are finally starting to understand we need to take care of the animals, because when they are gone, nothing will be able to replace them.