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I have been looking for more blogs about horses and horse health and I should have thought of this but someone beat me to it – just ask!

I belong to a group on LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/in/drdanbeatty) called This Business of Horses and wouldn’t you know it someone posted a question “Do you write a horse blog? Please let me know. Thanks!” Well 37 comments later and a whole bunch of blogs I have found a few blogs definitely worth following – here are a select few that I really liked –

Horse Life – Bitless, treeless and other riding advice and comments. I loved his recent post about Cold Weather care for the arthritic senior horse. Now I would say that any horse in cold weather should be treated the way he is suggesting in this post but especially our old timers. I would actually say they would need to be warmed uplonger in the weather that we have here in the winter. Overall, this is a good blog by Steve Wawryk, a Canadian horsemen who’s blog description states –

Horselife offers a wide range of products and services for the natural horsemanship enthusiast to the person who is interested in learning a no-nonsense approach to safe, balanced, real life riding.

Writing of Riding: My Equestrian Blog – A little artsy for my taste but a beautiful blog and well written. As Erica K. Frei the owner of this well crafted blog states “Here you can find my thoughts, theories and opinions on just about anything the comes to mind which could be remotely connected to horses.” and she is right there is a lot of information about a wide variety of topics on horses and horsemanship. Go check it out.

Stephanielynnperformance’s Blog – OK just for the Sheath Cleaning Song alone this blog gets my recommendation…too funny! I can not wait to see what else she has in store for us with this blog.

Barn Mice – I have to include this site because it is a collection of blogs related to horses and horsemanship – clever name as well, because like mice in a barn it is a community of people interested in horses. The main page has a bunch of good videos as well so check out the whole site as well as the list of blogs.

There are many more that I did not mention if you wish to see the whole list of blogs in the group just join the group on LinkedIn This Business of Horses or connect with me on LinkedIn via my profile – http://www.linkedin.com/in/drdanbeatty and we can get you into the group.

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