A Few Good Dog Lovers

June 10, 2014 by · 1 Comment 

What if you could guarantee yourself TOTAL Peace of Mind when it comes to your best friend’s health and well-being? 

Most dog owners rely on yearly wellness exams from their vet, along with sporadic, often inaccurate information gleaned from friends and the internet.

Of course, we don’t rely on such information when it comes to ourselves, our kids, or other family members. When we have questions about our health, we don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our doctors.

How about if you had a veterinarian that you could ask questions with and have a personal contact with on a regular basis? Would this help alleviate any concerns you might have with any health issues with your dog?

I am looking for a few good dog lovers that want to take part in a special group, a membership of like minded individuals that really want the best for their dog, that want to learn what is the best for their dog.
Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions-
What should my dog be eating?
What supplements should my dog be taking?
My dog has such and such disease or dysfunction what really should I do?
Who should I trust, does my dog really need surgery?

Well ask away in this new membership. I am opening it to a select few CHARTER MEMBERS that will be the forefront of this new group. You can be the one to pave the path for members to come. You can ask the first questions and be the one that others will follow your story and the story of your dog.

The initial offering is only available to the first 25 members!

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If This Were Your Dog, What Would You Do?