Thanks for Giving

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Thanksgiving here in the states happens next week. It is a time for us as families to get together and be thankful for the gifts we have received and the good times and treasures that have occurred throughout the past year.

Well I believe in order to receive you have to be able to give. Do you give? In order to receive thanks do you give and more importantly do you give to just give and not give to receive? There is a difference and a significant difference. Many people give things in order to  get things in return. Well do you really want to receive? Do you want the best for your life, then you need to be able to give without regards for getting anything else in return. I have the best example of how this occurs.

I know several individuals who have this on a daily basis – they get up in the morning in a home that someone else pays for and they are fed breakfast. They do not have to prepare of even go and get the food. It is brought to them. They do not have to go to work, although some do and it is by their choice and they love their work because it is exactly what fits their desires and needs. The ones that do not work usually laze around the house or play games most of the day. They interact with others on a daily basis the majority of the time in a loving manner.  Who are these individuals? The family dog!

What did the family dog do to deserve all of the things given to it? The family dog gives! The family dog gives without regard for receiving. He gives unconditional love.  Whether or not you give the best food, the best veterinary care, even if you do not give them the best care at all and even times when you treat them poorly the family dog still gives unconditional love. He gives without regard for receiving, he gives because he is the family dog and he knows no different, because of this his rewards are usually high – he is given the best that his family can give him.

In the holiday spirit of Thanksgiving I wish to thank you dog owners for giving the best that you do for your family dog. He can’t tell you thanks but he actually does by giving the best he has. I wish I could express in words your dogs gratitude, his thankfulness, but I do not believe there are words to compare to the thanks your dog expresses by the gift of unconditional love. That is the best thanks for giving seen anywhere on earth.

This Thanksgiving remember to give as well as give thanks. Try to be like your family dog and give without looking for something in return, you will find the best thanks coming back to you. SO this Thanksgiving be a dog!

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To Spay or not to Spay?

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Your decision is based on the pros and cons, but in my opinion it is not a matter of to spay or not but rather of timing of the procedure.

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Van Veen: The pros and cons of spay and neuter

These different opinions are what make the decision difficult. That’s what happens when there are too many variables to consider. Researchers are investigating all of them, which leds to more questions that need to be answered.

Most families really just want to know what is best for their dog? As with most heated topics the answer is, it depends.



Dr. Laci on Poop: Acute Colitis

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I love the pic of the dog leaving a deposit…LOL Good info Dr. Laci!

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Stories from My Diary-rrhea (part III): Acute Large Intestinal Diarrhea (Acute Colitis)

by Dr. Laci, aka, Dr. Poop
Indicators that your dog is suffering from large bowel, not small bowel diarrhea: 
  • semi-formed to liquid feces
  • fresh blood or mucous in stool
  • increased frequency of defecation (six or more times daily)
  • straining, an urgent need to go
  • and no weight loss.
Poopy dog
The good news is most cases of acute colitis will be solved and resolved within 72 hours.



The Jurga Report: Zenyatta

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This was a great report on Zenyatta one of the few horse trainers doing things right and it pays off!