New Adventure

August 29, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

The time has come to expand my business.

Let me back up a little –

I graduated from vet school in 1996 and went to work as a food animal veterinarian in Princeton, IL. However my boss was extremely pleased that I had a love of horses, because he was not as fond of them as I was, so it made for a good combination. It meant that I performed the work on most of the horses for the practice, that only increased my interest for horses and for sport medicine. One of the other interests that was fortunately laid at my feet was that of Animal Chiropractic. The only school in the country teaching veterinarians and chiropractors Animal Chiropractic was only 1 hour from where I lived! So in 1998 I became certified in Animal Chiropractic, I never looked back from there.

I have had my own equine vet service and I have worked for a couple equine vets, but I always had a problem with doing emergency. I hated it! I wanted to see my kids grow up. I wanted to be dependable to my family, but when you are on call it makes life difficult. However, I had a strong opinion that if I was going to do equine practice I was going to HAVE to do emergency. So I quit equine practice and started my Animal Chiropractic only business. That was in 2002.

Since then I have added more and more dogs and a few cats to my clientele of chiropractic patients. And in 2008 I started working part-time at Oak Hill Animal Clinic to have a homebase. Currently half of my business is now small animal.

I really enjoy working at Oak Hill and having a homebase has helped out. Dr. Walsh (the owner) and my co-workers are great to work with. They have helped me expand my business to what it is today. Looking towards the future, now is time for me to expand my business even more. There is so much more I want to do and and the way to do that is by changing and growing, offering more services to my clients.

That being said, I have already started the expansion of services. I have started doing acupuncture again for horses and I am starting the acupuncture certification course in January. Now, I want to know what you want… I may expand in my current situation at Oak Hill, but I am also considering going full out and possibly opening my own clinic.

You can give your opinion by completing the survey I created. Just click this link —> Service Expansion from Wufoo surveys. It is completely anonymous unless you don’t want it to be 🙂

Thank you very much. Having you as a client has meant a lot to me. I am honored that you allow me to work on your pet and humbled that you would take the time to answer my survey.