Horse Health: What do you want to know?

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I plan on posting more often, but I want to give you an opportunity to dictate what I write about.

So in the comments section below give me your ideas, your concerns, your desires on what you want to know about your horse as it pertains to its health.

It can be traditional or alternative, medical or surgical, nutrition, movement, lameness, dentistry, specific diseases or a general question. One rule is that I can not give advice on your specific case as in what you should do about your horse it has such and such problem. I can discuss in general a specific problem, giving you the best options and the most common methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Go ahead the floor is yours – What do you want to know?

10 Reasons Horse Owners Avoid the Equine Dentist

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Equine Dentistry
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Thanks to Dr. Geoff Tucker for posting a good piece on equine dentistry and trying to relieve some fears about it – EQUINE DENTISTRY – 10 REASONS WHY HORSE OWNERS AVOID IT

I think my favorite is that some owners don’t know there are teeth back there. You would think how ignorant but it is true I have had clients look in the back of their horse’s mouth when I had the speculum on and be very surprised how far back their teeth go.

Another one I like and have experience with is that some owners don’t like the dentist themselves. I have a couple very good clients that are religious about having their horses teeth examined twice a year but can not watch at all when I work on the teeth. Now I use a dremel at times (sorry Dr. Geoff) and that just makes them leave the barn completely just from the noise and the thought of what the dremel is contacting.

Having your horses teeth examined at least twice a year sometimes more often for horses under 5 years of age is necessary to keep them in good health. It also helps with bit comfort and headset.

The next time your horse gives you trouble while riding and tosses his head a little, chomps at the bit or even sets its ears back when you make contact with the bit – you need to have your dentist out to check the teeth and even better just have them checked regularly so you do not experience those issues.

BTW – the pic associated with this goes exactly with the #6 reason why owners avoid the equine dentist. (hung over literally)

Dandruff in Dogs

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Dandruff can be an irritating problem for you and your dog. It is a sign that the skin is not healthy. Read a good post on Doggy Dandruff from Bull Miller

Dog Health Questions & Problems ยป Ways To Solve Dog DanDruff Problems

Today blog post about dog health questions is relate to dog dandruff problems. Hopefully this blog post will cover 7 ways to to conquer this dog health problems that will also include some pf good prevention about this problems. …

Publish Date: 05/12/2010 3:17

Expanding on this topic I disagree that lack of grooming is the most common cause – heck I don’t remember the last time I groomed my dogs. Although grooming is very important for those that require grooming and for dogs that become dirty, I feel that nutrition and fluid intake are much more important in preventing dandruff. Keeping the skin healthy is easier done internally by providing the appropriate nutrients and proper hydration.

Also it is important that if you are having dandruff issues that continue to return or the skin becomes worse and has larger flakes with a greasy hair coat, a trip to your vet is required. Dandruff can be the first signs of more involved skin diseases such as allergies, skin infections, and parasites such as mange. So if you are concerned about dandruff your vet can help you determine if it is a medical issue or a nutritional/grooming/environmental issue.

Good topic and post! Thanks

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