A Team Approach to Dog Health

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I try as hard as I can to provide some of the most up to date and relevant information on dog health on this blog; however I am only one person. As one person it is impossible to know about everything so just like I do in practice there are times that I need to consult with others in a team approach.

The team approach on the internet is very easy, especially for a veterinarian blogger. All you need to do is find some really good resources and then give them out to your readers. In my case I like to build a little bit of a relationship and know the person or company  that owns the website before I recommend them. You can build a better relationship with me by going to http://twitter.com/Dr_Dan_DVM

So now about that team approach to dog health – how about some help with prescription medications? Has your veterinarian ever used a compounding company for some of your prescription drugs? Well Wedgewood Pharmacy has an excellent website and they have a Learning Center that provides loads of information for the medications they provide and the diseases they treat –

Whether you are a veterinary professional or a pet or horse owner, there are times when you need detailed information about compounded preparations. So we’ve partnered with our own consulting veterinarians and PetMD, the pet health authority, to provide up-to-date information about common compounds including how they are prescribed, how they are administered, side effects and much more.

So be sure to check out Wedgewood Pharmacy’s Learning Center at http://www.wedgewoodpetrx.com/learning-center/ and you can follow them at http://www.twitter.com/WedgewoodPetRx

Did you know that some of the benefits of compounding include being able to give a specific type of medication that does not come in the form your pet likes from the regular pharmaceutical companies? You can find medications that are no longer produced by the major pharmaceutical companies? You can find human medications that have not been mass produced by the major pharmaceutical companies for your pet? And shh – don’t tell anyone but there are times when you can find generic form of a drug your pet needs at a much lower cost!

Wedgewood has fully supported the team approach to veterinary medicine by helping in the education of pet owners. Check them out, I recommend it.

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