Wall Tents for Dog Trials

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Just the other day I saw the coolest thing, one of my clients is using a wall tent for dog trials. I went to her house to look at one of her horses and in her yard was this large canvas tent. I had seen tents like this before when I was at a camp ground but she had been using it this summer for going to trials. It is perfect for that. It is very portable, sets up easy, and has plenty of room for her, her husband and their three dogs.

She had it set up because it had rained at the last trial and she needed to dry it out so it would not get moldy. I went inside and it is more like a small cabin than a tent and surprisingly cool! She said wall tents work great in hot weather; they tend to stay pretty cool inside even during the heat of the day. In the fall she has a portable wood stove with a chimney that shoots out a hole in the roof of the tent to stay warm. When it rains they stay dry. It is perfect for all types of weather.

I have been to many agility and other dog shows and have seen many tents and awnings put up but this thing was like the Taj Majal in comparison. She said it takes her and her husband 20 minutes to put up using a simple metal frame that goes inside the wall tent. And the only down side is that when it is packed away it weighs just over 100lbs, but if you are staying at a trial or show for 3 days it is well worth it. She only paid $600 for it and has been using it for a couple years.

You can find wall tents several places, doing a google search I found pretty good prices at Outfitter Warehouse – www.outfitterwarehouse.com Yes I am actually thinking about getting one myself. I used to love camping when I was a kid but my wife’s idea of roughing it is staying at the Holiday Inn, but maybe with a wall tent she might just reconsider.

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International Rehab Symposium with Hilary Clayton

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I am here at the 5th International Rehab and Physical Therapy Symposium in Minneapolis, MN and this morning went to a breakfast lecture. Hilary Clayton was speaking and for all my clients watch out now because I plan on pulling out the video camera!

She went into detail on how to practically use video to diagnose lameness and movement in horses, using simple equipment and software for the computer. I plan on bringing my laptop and my camera and video taping poor movement on any of my clients horses that have been having questionable movement.

I also learned a little about back pain from Dr,Dr,Dr Kevin Haussler. I call him him that because he is a veterinarian, a chiropractor and a PhD. He has been to so much school that he has three doctors degrees! Anyway there are a couple of techniques I can use to help with some of my most stubborn back cases oh and I also learned of a study that showed that using Bute for back pain is about as useful as injecting sterile water!

Tomorrow I plan on attending more dog topics than horse topics but there is another talk from Dr. Haussler that I will attend and if there is more information I will give it out here.